Imagine you do a short cruise on the Queen Mary 2
Here is my packing recommendation.

Not starting with passport, flight and cruise ticket, but stuff you may not know about:

uk plug englische stecker für queen mary 2 kreuzfahrtPlug – Queen Mary 2 works with UK plugs. Make sure you bring an adapter. If not, they are usually available at the shop. Cell phones can usually also be charged in the bathrooms of ships, but that isn’t always handy.
Dreiersteckdose auf ReisenTriple Plug - In fact take this from home and your devices plug format. If you have your notebook, smartphone, camera and else, bring a plug bar.
hand sanitizer für seereisen kreuzfahrt desinfektionHand sanitizer – a tiny bottle. If you really need a hand sanitizer, the ship is THE place where you do. They are distributed allover the vessel, so you may not need yours. Make sure you desinfect not only before you walk on the ship and into the buffet restaurant (to protect others) but when you leave (for your own protection!)
packliste trockene luft kreuzfahrtschiffHumidity - Same as in planes air condition dries out your skin, on ships too. I help by using lip protection, nose oinment, applying before sleeping, as well as frequently applying cream to face and hands.
beanie mütze für seereise queen mary 2 reisetipp von jessicaBeanie - sea wind can be cold. And you don’t want to miss the sailaway, nor sailing into Hamburg passing by Willkommhöft, Blankenese and the landing bridges very early in the morning
oropax für seereisen kreuzfahrt packlisteEarplugs – I love the ship’s sound – or that oft he ocean and would always leave the balcony door open, but not everyone can sleep well with the ungewohnt „noise“. These earplugs from Happy Ears are the absolutely best I ever used (introduced to me during the late Reeperbahn Festival).
eigene trinkflasche kaffeebecher kreuzfahrt reise packlisteIf you buy a drink package that often includes free coffee and softdrinks from machines, you may like to take a re-use coffee mug (with lid) and a refillable drink bottle.
packllste schals klimaanlage queen mary 2 kreuzfahrtLadies, take scarfs, aircon may be too cold for your decollete or sleeveless dress
bezahlen mit kreditkarte auf kreuzfahrtschiffen am besten empfehlung Payment on board
Remember the ship works with US currency though British, as belonging to Carnival. You can pay cash, but it is awkward. Not only the exchange rate is that of a hotel rather than your bank, it will be converted one way, and later back the other way if you don’t want USD in return (second exchange rate applies). You will also have to queue, will once you have signed in with your credit card, „all is well“ and the money will be debited automatically, you should receive the invoice on your cabin door over night. On longer cruises it makes sense to get a print out during the cruise prior to departure. Sorry, no „EC-Karte“ on Cunard ships, nor is there an ATM.
If you like to get rid of your travel dollars, you may hand those in to reception at a quiet moment (open 24 hrs), so that will be deducted first before your credit card will be charged.
No cash payment on board other than at the reception for paying your bill. Everything else (bar, spa, excursions, shop) is charged to your on-board account and cruise card. Casino goes extra.
Bargeld auf Kreuzfahrtschiffen empfehlung tippTip money in cash
If you like to do the crew a favor with it, don’t use coins when you have bills instead. Because only bills can be exchanged on board (e.g. EUR to USD). But of course coins are better than no tip at all. There may also be a donation box for small foreign cash you may not like to keep. Note: you cannot leave any (cash) money on your account, but then would be denied disembarkation.
wichtig gepäckanhänger queen mary 2 kofferanhänger kreuzfahrtLabel label label your luggage – every job I come along people who do not label their luggage with even a name tag. I even put on 2, as one day I may be the one (and already have been) whose tag got accidentally ripped off. If your luggage hasn’t arrived at your cabin until the evening you may check back with reception, where „lost luggage“ will be delivered to.
Fix your cabin number tag - and keep it until you are back on land after disembarkation. In the terminal you disembark your luggage will be sorted the same way it came on board (e.g. deck 5 row).
Kartenhalter Bordkarte KreuzfahrtLanyard - A card holder for the cruise card you receive and will carry on you 24/7 on a cruise ship. This card has functions for payment, cabin access and security. Bring a lanyard (or buy one on board) and ask crew for a punchhole (so you know which part can be punchholed without destroying the data), or bring a card holder and a waist-clip.
My personal preferences
kleine tasche für kreuzfahrtschiff nachttisch packlisteSmall bag for bed - For the tiny bits. More important if heavy seas, or when crew without a handy desk. To keep in your bed if you like. You can put in the stuff you need for the night -a nd what you do not need until the next morning but need handy
fleecedecke auf kreuzfahrt packlisteFleece blanket – my personal one, so I have one always and don’t need to start searching for one when I want to sit outside e.g.late in the evening and enjoy the sound of the ocean or the moonlight view
magnete s-haken für kabine kreuzfahrt packlisteMagnet clips – for pinning he daily program you get every day onto the – magnetic – cabin wall and have it present near your cabin door, bed or desk
Elefantenfolie für rauhe See Packtipp KreuzfahrtAnti slip mat - we call it like that as crew. It keeps your computer and everything else at its place when the sea gets rough. Rather for the Magellan Strait and Drake Passage than English Channel, but better be on the safe side ;).
What not to bring
kein messer bügeleisen wasserkocher auf kreuzfahrt kreuzfahrtschiff gefahrgut Waterboiler, iron (both unsafe in cabins when own), knife, because that may delay the delivery of your suitcase, as security will keep it. One you are in touch they will ask you to open the suitcase, and keep the stuff until the end of the cruise.
sea cloud merchandise geschenke mitbringsel shopAny merch from another ship. It’s extremely uncool to brag with whereelse you have been cruising at sea, while on a different ship, sorry.
Jessica Kirsten Cunard BuchCheck your cruises instructions! A formal night tuxedo or long dress, on short cruises where there is no formal night is overdressed. Most nights are "informal" (cocktail dress, nice suite, skirt, suit for the men with tie optional), saying that: from 6pm on approx the evening dress code applies.
Bus am Kreuzfahrt-Terminal Steinwerder (Hamburg)
When cruising Cunard (Queen Mary 2)
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